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martinSolveig1Even though he grew up singing in the church choir and studying classical music, by age 13 French DJ Martin Solveig had his first pair of turntables and soon began showing off his skills. At 18, while working in a local record store, he became fascinated with electronic music, and shortly was spinning at some of the most prestigious clubs in Paris.

In 2001 Solveig worked with legendary French DJ Bob Sinclar on Africanism, contributing his track "Edony" to the album. The single went on to be a hit, and after graduating from college, the DJ decided to release a full-length record. Sur la Terre -- which came out in 2002 and was made using both live and electronic instrumentation -- was also inspired by African rhythms, leading to a remix of Malian singer Salif Keita's song "Malan."

In 2004 Solveig decided to moved toward American funk and rock, releasing "Rocking Music," sung by Jay Sebag, followed by another full-length, Hedonist, in 2005. A third album, C'est la Vie, was issued in 2008, but it was only with his fourth effort, 2011's Smash, that he finally broke through into the mainstream, attracting the interest of Madonna. The singer chose him to work on her album MDNA, and the pair developed a mutual respect and a close working relationship.

In June of 2015 Martin Solveig released his newest track called "+1" which we find outstanding. It’s clear that the French producer has had future house in his crosshairs and while his new song is even more of an aberration from the standard deep house formula, that’s kind of what makes it worth talking about.

Driven more by pop yet soulful lyrics than by its stripped-down bass line, "+1"  incorporates the high-energy percussive elements of Solveig’s progressive house roots into its unconventional style. While that might sound to some like a musical disaster, it’s resulted in a track as radio friendly as it is club friendly.

Pete Tong debuted the song on BBC Radio 1, and was officially released on for June 8th.