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First there was AM and then FM.  But, as we all know, those choices are very limited.  Then came subscription based services, but those are mostly programmed by computers and are not free. The choices provided by the internet along with the ever growing and improving mobile technology and available bandwidth guarantees that internet radio will be the choice for the best variety at the best price: free.

To tune in right now, pick a stream from the list below and enjoy!


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Near CD-quality. Firewall-proof way of listening to us without having to download anything.
128Kbps MP3
Near CD-quality. Compatible with most programs, including iTunes and WinAmp.
80Kbps AAC+
CD-quality. More efficient than MP3. Compatible with iTunes and WinAmp.
64Kbps AAC+
Near CD-Quality. Compatible with most programs, including iTunes and WinAmp
32Kbps AAC+
Near FM Radio Quality. Extremely efficient, but not as good as the above.

But, how do I tune in?
In order to tune into internet radio on your computer, you will need to have a program that will allow you to stream the station.  Most people already have either iTunes or WinAmp.  Both of these are very popular programs that allow you to create playlists, store your music files and, most importantly, stream Radio Danz!  Click on either of the links below to download either of these programs.  Please note that iTunes is available for Windows and Macs while WinAmp is only available for Windows.

Also, if you have Apple TV, you can search for Radio Danz within the radio station directory and stream us on your television or sound system.

Additionally, most newer web-connected sound systems come with some version of TuneIn radio, the most complete worldwide directory of stations.  Just search for Radio Danz within TuneIn and you'll be able to stream the staiton.

What if I want to listen in the car or at the gym?
Not a problem!  Thanks to advanced (and improving) mobile technology, most smartphones are now capable of streaming internet radio.  And if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can download our iPhone app, which allows you to easily stream Radio Danz, with zero configuration.

If you're concerned about using the bandwidth in your data plan, rest assured that Radio Danz streams at a super efficient 64Kbps AAC+ on our iPhone app.  This means that you can stream Radio Danz for a full hour on you iPhone and use less than 30MB!  That's equivalent to approximately 40 hours of streaming per Gigabyte!

How do I choose a stream?
It all depends on your connection speed.  Any of the streams below will sound good, but clearly those with higher bit rates will sound best.  So we recommend you pick the highest bit rate your connection will allow.  If you're able to listen to AAC+ streams (iTunes and WinAmp both work), we recommend the 80Kbps stream.  If you're limited to MP3, we suggest the 128Kbps one.