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Published on 04/20/2015, 13:59 by Bernardo
bob-sinclar-and-dawn-tallman-demand-that-you-feel-the-vibeLegend. It's a word that's bestowed far to easily these days. Like the word 'love', it's used both freely and easily by many people to describe many things. But use those words when you're talking about Bob Sinclar and they're far from taken out of context. Bob Sinclar is the man who put the groove back onto the dance floor. A man who marches to the beat of his own tune,...Read More
Published on 04/01/2015, 13:59 by Bernardo
k-c-the-sunshine-band-release-their-latest-that-s-the-way-i-like-itAfter much fanfare, KC and The Sunshine Band finally released their long-awaited second album, and launched it with the release of their latest song, called "That's The Way (I Like It)", and it is being received very well by the Radio Danz audience. "We are thrilled to have broken through to the Radio Danz airwaves with our latest smash, baby", said KC, "It's really...Read More
Published on 03/16/2015, 19:01 by Bernardo
audien-insomnia-featuring-parson-james-is-now-jamming-on-radio-danzIn the middle of a global explosion of Electronic Dance Music, a genre that thrives in the most exclusive nightclubs of the world's cosmopolitan cities, a prodigious producer has emerged from the unlikeliest of places. The small seaport town of Mystic, Connecticut, has been the home of Audien (AKA Nate Rathbun) for his entire life, and it's in a small apartment in Mystic...Read More
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